Dalt Hotel

Life at the Dalt was hampered by run-down public areas and apartments. The design breathes new life into the common areas while addressing the pressing safety and systems needs common to 80-year-old buildings. Modernization included seismic upgrades, life-safety improvements, accessibility upgrades, and mechanical and electrical systems improvements.

  • Owner:

    Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

  • Location:

    San Francisco, CA

  • Completed:


  • Size:

    175 units; 65,000 sq. ft.

Albert Liu’s Remarks at Dalt Hotel Re-Opening

Dear Friends:

I feel very happy and lucky. Happy, because of new year, new season, and especially this new building. Everything is new. Lucky, because in my heart, full with warm and safety. Where these warm and safety come from?

Before, the wind and water always leaked into my room from windows during my sleep especially on raining days in winter, which made my elbows and shoulders often sore. The workers suspended and lifted themselves so high in front of my windows, changed the windowsill and fixed the frame. Now, no wind or water come in. They gave me warm and safety.

Before, so much pests and insects invaded my room. They spoiled my food, broke my sleep and made their nest at every corner. Mr. George and pest controller came to help me again and again. Now, my room is clean, no any pest. They gave me warm and safety.

Before, the toilet upstairs was leaking, from which the dirty water ran down through ceiling on my head. This is not exaggeration. Now, I have a set of brand new bathroom just like the others have. That gave me warm and safety.

Before, I often took cold food as my dinner. The rest food could not be kept longer. Now, the new micro and refrigerator plus the new big common kitchen in the basement have improved my living level. That gave me warm and safety.

Today, we celebrate our building here. It looks so nice and it becomes so much younger. After receiving so much warm and safety, I feel myself become much younger. I feel around me, around all of us, there exists a great LOVE. Exists a great care. We love it. We appreciate it. We live together with it. FOREVER.

Thank you.

Reprinted from TNDC Developments, Summer 2005