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Bay Area People - SF's Ping Yuens

The public housing buildings known as the Ping Yuens are integral to San Francisco's Chinatown neighborhood... its past and its future.

Green Architecture and Building Report

Triple Bottom-Line Bank Is Net Zero Ready

For its new headquarters in Oakland, Beneficial State Bank commissioned Gelfand Partners Architects to realize the bank’s mission of community and sustainability through the remodel of an office suite in an existing downtown building. Mignon O'Young, Publisher.


A Social Purpose

A Historic San Francisco YMCA Building Maintains Its Historic Architecture and Role in the Community. By Lisa Gelfand.

Gelfand Partners Celebrating 20 Years

Founded September 3, 1997

We're celebrating two decades of innovative, smart, sustainable architecture, and looking forward to the next 20 years.

Politico Magazine

How San Francisco Saved Its Public Housing By Getting Rid of It

The wealthy city couldn’t afford to make its public housing livable, so it turned it over to private owners. No one’s happier than the residents.

AIA / HUD Secretary's Award
  • Project: Kelly Cullen Community
  • Award: Creating Community Connection
  • Category: Affordable Housing
  • Date: 2014
National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Project: Kelly Cullen Community
  • Award: Honor Award
  • Category: Historic Preservation
  • Date: 2013
AIA California Council / Savings by Design
  • Project: Santa Rita Elementary School
  • Award: Honor Award
  • Category: Energy Efficiency Integration
  • Date: 2006
AIA San Francisco
  • Project: Kelly Cullen Community
  • Award: Honor Award
  • Category: Historic Preservation - Adaptive Reuse
  • Date: 2013
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Gelfand Partners

honors design that supports physical communities by rebuilding social structures and relationships weakened by outmigration, disinvestment and the isolation of inner-city areas.

AIA / HUD Secretary's Award published in Durability+Design