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Sustainability is integral to our design process. In addition to innovative new approaches, truly successful sustainable design is also successful in more conventional ways – sustainable buildings require good coordination across the engineering disciplines, an economy of materials and means, appropriate orientation on the site, and a rigorous understanding of the client’s requirements. These approaches are embedded in all our design work.

Sustainable building materials such as linoleum, tile with recycled mirror glass, woven wall covering, recycled studs, low VOC plywood, and healthy carpets have made their way into our standard specifications. Using such materials, energy conserving lighting and HVAC systems, and above all plenty of fresh air and natural light, we are able to design models of responsible, sustainable development in many building types.

Our commitment to sustainable design has produced projects that have been recognized for their excellence at local, state, national, and international levels. Equally important, we can show utility bills for our high performance projects that save owners tens of thousands of dollars of operating funds each year.

Belfand Partners Architects - Duveneck Elementary School

• Reuse existing structures
• Daylighting
• Natural ventilation
• Low or no irrigation landscaping
• Double glazed windows
• Energy star appliances
• Low-VOC paint primers, paint, adhesives
• Cool roofs and living roofs
• Low flow plumbing fixtures
• Energy-efficient lighting
Build It Green – GreenPoint Rated Housing
CHPS – Collabortive for High Performance Schools
NBI – New Buildings Institute
National Trust for Historic Preservation – Preservation Green Lab
RMI – Rocky Mountain Institute
SFEnvironment – SF Department of Environment
USGBC – US Green Building Council