Addison Elementary School

Addison Elementary is a historic campus in the district’s elementary school inventory. The existing school had a severely undersized multi-use building for this size of campus. The library and administration were cramped in a poorly laid out building at the center of campus. The project added a new two-story library/administration building with an adjacent multi-use appropriately sized for the school’s ±350 student body. The old library/administration building was refurbished into a four-classroom wing. New buildings were styled to be sensitive to adjacent, existing school buildings and neighborhood while providing the amenities and safety of modern construction and technology.

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  • Owner:

    Palo Alto Unified School District

  • Location:

    Palo Alto, CA

  • Completed:


  • Size:

    20,300 sf

  • Info:

    New construction and modernization of the historic building


Photos: Kyle Jeffers