Blach Intermediate School

Facilities at Georgina Blach Intermediate School were badly in need of an update. They had been unchanged since their construction decades ago. Enter Gelfand Partners, which transformed the school buildings, top to bottom. The change was so dramatic, the school community routinely referred to it as “our new school,” when only half the buildings are technically “new.” The project included complete infrastructure replacement, modernization of existing buildings and replacement of temporary structures with new construction. A library, labs, performing arts facilities and a city/school joint-use gym were also developed. All buildings use daylighting and natural ventilation for low energy, and healthy, stimulating surroundings.

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  • Owner:

    Los Altos School District

  • Location:

    Los Altos, CA

  • Completed:


  • Size:

    75,000 sq. ft.

  • Info:

    AIA California Council Energy Efficiency Integration Merit Award
    School Construction News/DesignShare Recognized Value Award
    CEFPI Project of Distinction
    New Buildings Institute Ultralow Energy Verified