Sustainable Conservation Head Office

Sustainable Conservation is a non-profit which focuses on securing a sustainable future for the natural environment and agriculture in California. With such a strong mission of sustainability and collaboration, our primary goal was to provide the client with an office space that would reflect their values. The project opened up what was a very constricted “beige” cubicle type of space, bringing in more light, tall ceilings and neutral colors. These by contrast, were paired with nature’s bright colors, and the agency’s branding. Integrating plants into the design and using more natural and sustainable materials was key to success. The office comprises open space areas for hotelling, as well as assigned workstations and meeting rooms of various size. A break room, a lactation room, and a bike rack wall complete the quest for multiple employee needs.

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  • Owner:

    Sustainable Conservation

  • Location:

    San Francisco, CA

  • Completed:


  • Size:

    6,000 sq ft